Hels.Yeah is the pseudonym for Paul Helyer who was a youngster at the beginning of the rave scene and used to go to the In-Ter-Dance events at the legendary Sterns as a teenager. He bought some Technics 1210s in the mid 90s when he began playing House and Garage. He soon moved on to the Hard House scene because of the relentless energy of the music and the ferocity of the soundscapes.

In the early 00s Paul left the club scene and started a web design business; started listening to music that was not dance music and raced a few bicycles; and then in September 2017 he ended up in Ibiza for his first time one weekend. A night in Resistance at Privilege, then another in Cocoon at Amnesia and he fell back in love with the scene like he’d never left it. He got his decks and vinyl out of storage the day he got home and got back into mixing again.

While searching for new music online and coming to terms with playing digital music instead of vinyl, he decided to try and make some of the sounds he had in his head.

Hels.Yeah is the materialization of techno as a concept. If techno were a human entity, there is no doubt that it would be the archetype.

Dark Vessels is the first album by this English producer. With his intelligent and thoughtful approach of techno, he gives music a dark, dehumanized and hypnotic part.

– Ghara Records