He’s coming (Original Mix) – Reeko [Mental Disorder]
Sedna (Original Mix) – Kaiserdisco [Tronic]
Rings (Original Mix) – Anml Mthr [FLASH Recordings]
Rawmony (Original Mix) – The Southern [Odd Recordings]
Makumba (2018 Remake) – A.Paul [Suara]
Futura – Therian Shifter [Ghara Records]
Situation (Filterheadz Remix) – Natalino Nunes [Jays Records]
Bleeds (Perc Remix) – Bas Mooy [Sleaze Records (UK)]
Jam The Mace (Jerome Sydenham’s Tekno Rendition) – House Syndicate [ONE2ONE2]
Black Castle (Original Mix) – Sandro Galli [Focus Records]
A bad day (Original Mix) – Reeko [Mental Disorder]
Awake (the Advent & Industrialyzer Remix) – Sebastian Groth [Audition Records]
Trommelmaschine (2pole Remix) – Der Dritte Raum [Harthouse]
Nerves (Original Mix) – Rohar [Off Recordings]
Delta (Original Mix) – Ramiro Lopez [Drumcode]
Loud (Original Mix) – Sisko Electrofanatik, T78 [Suara]
Ex Tee Cee (Original Mix) – Ramon Tapia [ELEVATE]
Is that God (Hels.Yeah’s All Out of Acid Remix) – Hels.Yeah [Unreleased]
Picky Pigeons (Ben Sims Remix) – Paula Cazenave [Combine Audio]
Seele (Original Mix) – Fixeer [EarToGround Records]
Locust (Original Mix) – Vinicius Honorio [Octopus Records]
Round Hole (Original Mix) – Hels.Yeah [Feel Decimal Black]
With Patsy (Original Mix) – Tessela [Poly Kicks]
Dark Orbit (A.Paul Refunk) – Mike Ban [Naked Lunch]
Other Places (Original Mix) – Weska [Drumcode]
Madmaxx (Original Mix) – Martin Books [TK Records]
Wormhole (Original Mix) – Jon Rundell [Octopus Black Label]
Levitate (Original Mix) – Vinicius Honorio [Suara]
Manila (Original Mix) – Man With No Shadow [Drumcode]
From Nothing (Original Mix) – Dense & Pika[Kneaded Pains]
Pump Up The Jam (Raíz Remix) – Technotronic
Unsure (Original Mix) – Subjected [STRISCTRX]

Matt Sassari, Patrik Berg – Nervosity (Original Mix)
Radio Slave, SRVD, Patrick Mason – Elevate (Original Mix)
Jickow – Pig Tails (Matt Sassari Remix)
Mickey Nox – T.B.C.W.M.A.G (Original Mix)
Filterheadz – Intensity (Original Mix)
Giovanni Carozza – Old Contact (Original Mix)
Marla Singer – Sufficient (Original Mix)
DJ Boris – Drumroll (Original Mix)
Dolby D, A. Paul – Chroma (Original Mix)
Maetrik – Cortex 11-b (Original Mix)
Giovanni Carozza, Black Shade – The Power Of Acid (Original Mix)
Woo York – I Am Against (Original Mix)
Sonate – Sequenced (Original Mix)
Gabriel Ben – Marca 1.1 (Original Mix)
Torsten Kanzler – Coconut ([ WEX 10 ] Remix)
Robert S (PT) – Skittish (Original Mix)
Bylly – Carbon (Petter B Remix)
Kehso – Give It to Me (Sims Remix)
2pole – Pulsar (Original Mix)
Techno Red – Meat (Original mix)
Sasha Carassi – Walk Over (Digital Only)
Techno Red – Dark Matter (21 ROOM Remix)
Eric Sneo – Feel High (Original Mix)
2pole, Ebbe – RAM (Original Mix)
Frank Biazzi – Reflection (Original Mix)
Flug – M32 (Original Mix)
Eric Sneo – Burning Angels (Original Mix)
Filterheadz – Think About (Original Mix)
Dominik Schwarz, A*S*Y*S – Destruction (Original Mix)
Hels.Yeah – Is that God (Remake)
Drumcomplex – Atomic (Original Mix)
JX-216 – Xingu (Original Mix)

A year and two days ago I took part in my final bike race, the Duo Normande in Normandy. This was a few days after my first ever trip to Ibiza which marked my return to the club scene after a 15 year absence.

In that time I have decided to try and make music; bought Ableton; learned how to use Ableton; learned some music theory; composed a basic piano piece; had close to 5,000 plays of my music on SoundCloud; released an EP; signed a second EP (out in November); will be making an announcement about my third EP shortly; started two weekly radio shows; played in Barcelona and provided studio mixes for three other radio shows.

Here’s hoping the next 12 months will be as exciting.

Technotronic – Pump Up The Jam (Raíz Remix)
B.Traits – I Feel the Music (Original Mix)
CyclonB – Snow Winter (Original Mix)
Lars Leimbach – The Son (Original Mix)
Hels.Yeah – Round Hole (Original Mix)
Myler – Peeling Oranges With Your Face (Ansome Remix)
Ansome – Marching Powder (Original Mix)
Paula Temple – Gegen (Original Mix)
Mauro Picotto – Joyenergizer [Mauro Picotto Mix]

Round Hole is out in November on Feel Decimal Black

This coming week you can listen in to one of (or all) three shows on various platforms, all playing some cracking Techno tunes.

Monday 17th is my usual show on Trickstar Radio between 1600 and 1800. Listen at trickstarradio.com or the Trickstar App (download from trickstarradio.com) as well as on TuneIn, on DAB+ in the Brighton area and possibly a Facebook Live Stream if I can figure it out.

On Thursday 20th I start my second weekly show, this time on thefortradio.co.uk. The show will also be live streamed on The Fort Radio on Facebook.

Also on Thursday 20th I have a guest mix on Invasions with Mike More / Michael Vansuyt’s on FNOOBTechno.com. This one is a slightly harder set than I’ve played recently but it was nice to pick up the tempo a bit.

See schedule for more information