Hels.Yeah used to take a cassette player to primary school with one of his Mum's Acid House tapes. He'd sit at the end of the field and listen intently.

Saturday mornings were usually spent hanging out with his Mum's usual friends in the front room for an after-party from the night before. The sounds of amazement at the Sega Mega-Drive games on the TV and the sounds of 90s Garage recorded to cassette from the previous week at Empire.

At 16 years old, after a few years of saving, he'd saved enough to buy some 1210s - which are still going strong today - and started hoarding House and Garage records picked up during hours spent at every record shop he came by.

As time went by, he played UK Garage through into the Hard House scene that was the late 90s. For a short time, he ran a monthly event in Portsmouth called Phased & Confused which was really just an excuse to play loud music and party.

Soon after 2000, it was time for a break from the dance music scene. He packed his decks and records away into storage and spent 17 years listening to Folk and Hip-Hop, building websites and racing bicycles before an unexpected weekend in Ibiza threw him right back in love with the music, the scene and the people.

On his way home from the airport, he stopped at the storage unit, collected his decks and started to play again. Having no idea what the genres were any more, he decided to try making the music he wanted to play.

Inspired by the 90s Rave scene, you can expect melodic journeys; thundering kicks; mild discomfort; and often some Acid.